hera: we are creativity and innovation

Since our beginnings in 2012, we have sought to take advantage of technology, our experience, good practices and methodologies to solve business or daily life problems, putting human beings at the center. We understand that digital transformation must be part of the DNA of any organization. It is today, it is now.


  • BT

    Business Transformation

    Walk customers through digital transformation by co-designing a plan to optimize the use of technology and generate a set of capabilities to accomplish their business objectives.

  • ITC

    IT Continuity

    We have an ecosystem of experienced partners and consultants to ensure business continuity, guaranteeing basic services and allowing to create transformative solutions

  • CTS

    Code To Solution

    Co-create application solutions by simplifying processes, using innovative methodologies, practices and tools throughout the product life cycle


Collaborate with our customers to create, develop and implement solutions to drive their digital transformation business needs. We are a young company, established in 2012 by a team of interdisciplinary professionals with vast experience in retail companies and government agencies, focused on developing innovative, creative and value-added technical solutions and services. This experience allows us to face challenges and find solutions in multiple

industries, thanks to our ITIL certified consultants, technology specialists, designers, developers and services team. Our team has a long track record in the IT business, covering IT consulting, customized solution development, start-up and ongoing services. We aim to deliver cutting edge products and services, with flexibility to adapt to our clients needs, in a cost-effective way and with high quality standards.


Ministerio Transporte

Course Management System

MiLote/Podium/Datacenter Relocation


UX Design/Design Thinking/Dev/Infra

Startup/Landing Page


Electronic School System

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We know the future, we dream it every day, and we work to contribute to building it in the best way. We invite you to join. As a team we can create what we dream of.

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The work carried out together with the Hera team in the redesign of Mi Lote, has allowed users to improve their experience with the product in a substantial way. The Design Thinking sessions have been very enriching. Nico Loria

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